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Jaime Ivan is an entrepreneur, expert speaker and consultant on new technologies, communication and marketing, applied to the publishing sector, with a holistic vision that combines in a particular way in areas such as the study of  the development of the industry, the concepts, models and opportunities that supports it; the activities of digital endeavor and new possibilities that give it the potential in the middle of deployments and news of all kinds, that sometimes eventually overwhelm, and the methodological and management rigor for projects to work, land and be possible with perspective of sustainability, marketing and growth.


Without pretending to be the formula, since the only one relies on the “discernment of each person” to Jaime Ivan these can be the keys to setting up the road map that many are incorporating and forging in the process of diversifying their editorial portfolios, the content industry, and the generating of new ideas and business opportunities, where today more than ever, there are many things to do and say.


Jaime Ivan is Communicator, Journalist and Specialist in Educational Management. He has degrees in marketing and continuing training in communication, marketing, digital publishing, editing college, semiotics, e-learning, e-commerce and higher education studies. He has taught at various universities in these areas. He participates very often in various academic activities internationally.


Current business and trade associations responsibilities:


  • Founder and CEO www.lalibreriadelau.com, contents + solutions. May 2004 to date. (Winner of the Internet Colombia 2005 Award, Colombian Chamber of Informatics and Telecommunications, CCIT, and National Award 2009 “Themed Web Spaces and Digital Media”, Ministry of Culture of Colombia.) (www.lalibreriadelaU.com). Recognized by IT Manager Magazine as one of the top 100 High-Tech companies in Colombia (June 2011)
  • Manager of Publidisa Colombiana S.A.S, a subsidiary of Publicaciones Digitales S.A (Publidisa), Spain, A company specialized in technology solutions for the publishing industry worldwide. May 2011 to date. (www.publidisa.com)
  • Consultant and international speaker: Regional Center for Book Development in Latin America and the Caribbean, CERLALC, UNESCO; UnitedBible Societies  (UBS),Paulinas-SAL, various Latin American universities and publishers.


Other responsibilities:


  • Director of Broadcasting and Publications La Salle University. 1996 – 2004
  • Vice President and President of the Association of University Publishers of Colombia, ASEUC. April 2002 – April 2003. April 2003 – April 2004 (www.aseuc.org.co)
  • Director of the Center for New Technologies Applied to Education. Pedagógica Nacional University. August 2004 – December 2005.

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